God of war 3 game

It is a third-person single-player video game. Archived from the original on November 28, Retrieved August 2, She tells Kratos to return her power, saying that she knows how to use it to rebuild what had been destroyed.

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Kratos off into the River Styx, where he loses the Blade of Olympus; the souls of the Underworld weaken him and ruin the Blades of Athena. In a suicide mission, the blacksmith sends Kratos to Tartarus to retrieve the Omphalos Stone so he can forge a new weapon for the Spartan.

God of War® III Game | PS3 - PlayStation

Retrieved November 3, Retrieved July 6, Retrieved July 13, Kevin Sorbo ot chosen to voice Hercules because of his portrayal of wwr character in the television series, Hercules: He considers searching for Calliope's soul, but Athena reminds Kratos of his quest, and he leaves the Underworld, arriving at Olympia, where he finds the wounded Gaia, who calls for help.

She gives him the Blades of Exile and says that he must extinguish the Flame of Olympus to kill Zeus.

In a interview with GameTrailersGod of War creator and game director David Jaffe explained his original intention for the series, which is different from the actual ending of God of War IIIwhich was based on game director Stig Asmussen's vision. Retrieved July 15, National Console Support Inc.

Hercle Ercole Hercule Alcide. Refreshed in stunning detail, God of War III Remastered shows off realistic muscle striations, detailed facial expressions, and new heightened levels of brutality and gore.

Views Read Edit View history. Archived from the original on March 17, Retrieved January 27, Sony Computer Entertainment and Sumthing Else [84]. Set in the realm of brutal Greek mythology, God of War III Remastered is the critically acclaimed single-player game that allows players to take on the fearless role of the ex-Spartan warrior, Kratos, as he rises from the darkest depths of Hades to scale the very heights of Mount Olympus to seek his bloody revenge.

God of War® III

The Nemean Cestus, a pair of gauntlets, and the Nemesis Whip, similar to the Blades of Exile, are required to advance in parts of the game; for example, the Nemean Cestus is needed to break through objects composed of onyx. Retrieved March 30, Retrieved Bod 19, Kratos then encounters Aphrodite, who is indifferent to his war on Olympus.

Archived from the original on November 20, Retrieved November 27, Among Thieveswho used 35, Climbing from the river, he is confronted by Athena's spirit, who gzme previously sacrificed herself to save Zeus from Kratos. This campaign began in early when a teaser for God of War III appeared as an image the original PlayStation gpd logo surrounded by the Greek omega at the end of the instruction manual for God of War: Retrieved February 28, Wikiquote has quotations related to: The player can use up to four magical attacks and a power-enhancing ability as alternative combat options, and the game features puzzles and platforming elements.

March 16, PlayStation 3 NA: Refusing to help the child, he continues his quest. Players will battle in detailed and unique 3D worlds lit by thousands of dynamic lights and higher resolution. It uses quick time eventswhere the player acts in a timed sequence to defeat strong enemies and bosses.

God of War 3 director Stig Asmussen". Archived from the original on November 27, An angry Athena pulls the sword from him, saying that he has disappointed her and leaves empty-handed.

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