Active hdl 6.3

An edit box will appear. You can also add the signals by dragging objects from the upper or lower pane of the Structure tab to the waveform window see Figure Your question has been submitted.

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The workspace allows adding and working with several designs simultaneously Go to menu File New and click Workspace.

Analyzed design units contained within the file are placed into the working library in a format understandable to the simulator. It is optimized for large designs and long simulation runs.

To change the name, click the port symbol with the right achive button and choose Properties from the shortcut menu.

Right-click the entity-architecture pair, module, or cell for which you want to generate a testbench, and then select Generate Testbench from the shortcut menu. You can execute this macro in your script immediately actve you initialize your simulation.

Expand a structure of a source file containing a top-level unit or current working library in the Files tab, right-click the desired design unit and then choose Set as Top-Level from the shortcut menu.

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Click within the state bubble in which the transition ends. Please contact us using Feedback form.

Or from the File tab in the Design Browserexpand the branch showing the contents of the default working library or source file HDL, block or state diagram file. You have set the desired value of simulation resolution. Move the mouse pointer to the top of the diagram sheet above the machine frame and click where you want to place the port.

Active hdl 6.3

Please stop the simulation before saving the waveform file. The Design Settings dialog box will open.

Saved macro file can be used later to add the signals on the waveform for another simulation run. The port has a default name assigned. This tutorial provides instructions for using the basic features of the Active-HDL simulator. In Active-HDL, individual hdp along with their resources source files, output files with simulation results, etc can be grouped together as a workspace. You can also use File New menu to open new files and save it to design directory see Figure 5. This way you can create actve new workspace and a new design attached to the workspace in the same time.

For example, it can show how the current simulation overwrites results from the previous simulation run and allows you to use hotkey stimulators. When moving the mouse pointer, a temporary wire line will be stretched between the wire origin and the current location of the mouse pointer.

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You will first need to install latest version of Active-HDL on your computer to be able to hdp complete this tutorial. You can restart the simulation, select Restart Simulation from the Simulation menu.

Specify the design name and select the location of design folder exact same as the workspace. Right-clicking on the top level design select Add to Waveform option.

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63 The transition line will appear and the mouse pointer will adopt the normal selection shape. It is available as a free download from http: If you run the simulator without any top-level unit selected, Active-HDL will prompt you with a dialog box to select one. You can also add the actife by dragging objects from the upper or lower pane of the Structure tab to the waveform window see Figure An edit box will appear.

The contents of the Symbols Toolbox window will be updated immediately. The Waveform Save to macro menu option or the File Export menu command allow generating a macro.

To begin simulation, you must choose Initialize Simulation from hfl Simulation menu. Enter the action statements and click anywhere within the diagram to close the edit box.

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