Hp server automation

Windows Server Support e. The SA build Agent can also be installed on a bare metal server that contains no operating system, the Build agent runs in memory and communicates with the SA core basically waiting for provisioning instructions. The core provides the functionality that automates servers and application management.

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A detailed list of the additional features of this release can be found in the Release Notes. The policies usually contains the packages, patches, Application configuration, Files, Scripts, Unix users and groups for changing ownership after package is installed. Public groups are visible to all users, and can be access by any SA user.

Ordering of Custom Script rules. In addition to the online help in the SA Client and the printable documents that are available on the Documentation DVD, the SA Release Notes contain supplemental information automafion the product documentation and any known problems that exist in the released product.

You can specify in a software policy the packages and patches to be installed, and the configurations to be applied to the managed servers. This article explains major features within SA that can be used to automate your datacenter management.

SA also allows you to run and schedule audits against servers to test compliance and if necessary, remediate server configurations not in compliance. Compliance based on Audit Policy d. The Auromation tab in the navigation pane shows the devices in your managed environment. Device groups provide a useful way to gather physical or virtual servers into logical collections. A system administrator installs at least one EPI agent.

Server management is an integral part of efficient infrastructure management. You can find the most up-to-date version of all the HPSA A device group acts as container for a collection of servers. Access thousands of out-of-the-box templates and workflows for automaation and virtual servers across multiple vendors, while driving efficiency through standardization.

HP Server Automation Overview

I can understand how difficult sercer product can seem on the surface. The private device groups are only visible to the group creator. Before you perform the upgrade from an earlier product version, please thoroughly read the respective upgrade guides and release notes to ensure a smooth and successful upgrade. Operations Orchestration Practitioners Forums.

It enables you to perform the same action such as installing patches and remediating servers on all of the servers simultaneously, instead of performing the action on individual servers, one at a time. A tenant administrator or a business group manager creates a blueprint that enables the deployment of software jobs. For more information about HP Software solutions, visit www.

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Deploy VM from Template. Custom attributes now supported directly on OSBP.

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Full Hierarchical View d. A system administrator sets the PowerShell execution policy to RemoteSigned. In addition, each SA agent periodically contacts the model repository and registers itself, which allows the model repository to keep track of the machine status, and know when particular servers are serveer from and reconnected to the network.

And the lack of a strong community makes it harder.

Server Automation Software: Provisioning, Patching & Compliance | Micro Focus

You can also simply drop me a line to say hello!. Convert VM to Template. The documentation is completely lacking. Manually provisioning a server used to take up to 2 days, with SA it takes less than 4 hours and no manual tasks are necessary after the provisioning task has been started.

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