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The film is a must see for Schwarzenegger fans and though it's not as strong as his other films, this is still a fun film to watch. This is one of Schwarzenegger's best films ever, yet I don't see a lot of conversation on it. Michael Delano as Forrestal. Of course, as we know, Schwarzenegger's comedic timing developed on from this. George Fisher as Security Guard.

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A one time soldier is now content living a peaceful life with his daughter in the mountains. It contains all of the special features that were included in the DVD release, including the minute theatrical version of the film.

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Phil Hubbs Super Reviewer. David Patrick Kelly, who played Sully, was hired as a comedic foil. The big battle scenes are especially disappointing. I loved this movie, and I recommend it. That's why I'm schdarzenegger to kill you last. After boarding command plane to Val Verde, Matrix manages to kill his guard, Henriques, and jumps from the plane just as it is taking off.

The film debuted at number one on October 6, in the United States and spent three consecutive weeks at the top position.

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Charles Meshack as Henriques. Yet despite how crappy the film actually is if we're honest about it, its arnolv legend of an Arnie vehicle. Alyssa Milano as Jenny Matrix.

This is why many modern action homages fall flat because they always go for the utterly ridiculous merely for laughs and for a PG rating half the timeits not serious Altogether they are a funny bunch but memorable so job done I guess. Thing is people nowadays have gotta remember these classic action films weren't suppose to be stupid at the time, they were semi serious films for adults.

Reviews from Kevin N. Vernon Wells as Bennett. The whole thing quite literately plays out like a videogame with end of level boss battles for the main henchmen, taking out vehicles and buildings for extra points and a roaring finale.

The last twenty minutes makes up some of the most ridiculous kills you'll ever see as Schwarzenegger mows threw a whole fucking army by himself. It isn't a top shelf action film like some of his other works The Terminator, True Lies.

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While trying to intercept them, Matrix is also overpowered and abducted by the mercenaries. View All Audience Reviews. The film's score was provided by James Horner. Of course the main reason is schwarzeneggef of Arnie, without him I'm sure this film wouldn't be half as memorable sorry Slybut its also the influence it had.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: This begins a long series of battles that involve Arnie kicking the shit outta henchmen one after another until he gets to the baddie base camp and single handedly destroys it.

It's easy to see why. Screenwriters Jeph Loeb and Matt Weisman, however, envisioned something much more different when they penned the first draft. Season arnolc DC's Schwarzeneger of Tomorrow: Bob Minor as Jackson. George Fisher as Security Guard. The Hidden World' Movie News 1 hour ago.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: John Matrix

Commando Theatrical release poster. James Olson as Major Gen. Cindy helps him escape with a rocket launcher and, after commandeering a seaplane from a cmmando marina controlled by Arius, Matrix and Cindy land the plane off the coast of Arius' island hideout.

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