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The pattern of the carefully arranged stones brings a sense of peace, yet it is unclear why they are arranged in this way. The pairing of these two incredibly different items works very well, and gives off a unique spirit and feel. The imagery in this wallpaper is both soothing and enigmatic. The month is handlettered in bright red, suggesting the heat we feel during one of the hottest months of summer.

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Free nice desktop wallpapers in high quality

The message on this wallpaper clearly states to work like a boss, meaning to work hard. The lettering is carefree and fun, much like the experiences we have during this time. Without words, we understand what the message is, and it truly makes a statement without needing to be overly detailed.

The contrast of the black peaking through the bright flowers makes them pop, and the subtle band of text in the center is concise and to the point. This wallpaper looks dark and moody. This Live Wallpaper will not drain y.

The handwritten type makes it feel as though you wrote the message to yourself, giving yourself a push of encouragement. Flex your handlettering skills by sketching out one of your favorite quotes, or taking paint to paper.

The splatters of texture inside the letters creates a luxurious deskto;, and the high contrast of the light text and the dark background forces the message out at you.

The green plant life, the woman lounging, and the soft pink triangle all work together to set a scene. To make one similar, choose a stunning background image and combine it with a powerful, inspiring quote from your favorite designer.

The text is wallpxper right in the image, almost as if it was actually there when the photo was snapped.

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The sun-like oranges provide a happy pop of orange color, and the soft pink background brings in lovely warmth. Dream are conceptualized as white, with fears being blue. They help to ground the intricately illustrated text, and the rich golden yellows balance the deep dependability of the blue. It is incredibly intricate and ornate, and stands out against the midnight blue background.

Automatic new wallpaper and screensaver images every day. Clownfish Aquarium Live Wallpaper. The colors are muted, yet still warm and pleasant — an indicator of the heat of summer to come. Set up rotating wallpapers in Windows. This beautiful wallpaper takes lovely plants and flowers and arranges them on a simple, white background. Choose a few colors, make a few shapes, and play around with arranging them on the page in a carefree, random manner.

Arowana Deluxe Aquarium 1. To create your own, find a selection of images you enjoy, cut them together, and overlay a transparent shape of color. The colors are warm, but subdued. The pattern of the carefully arranged stones brings a sense of peace, yet it is unclear why they are arranged in this way. The bright cheeriness of the actual word cheer provides a whimsical and delightful scene, reminiscent of Winter holidays.

This powerful underwater photograph is paired with a simple, yet powerful message. This wallpaper takes a quote and turns it into something more. To create a wallpaper like this, find a beautiful photograph with clear directional movement.

The addition of a subtle, dark red background color helps to pull the white type forward, and give it true distinction from the background. This bright and cheery wallpaper pairs textural text with a textural background, but keeps it from getting too gritty with bright, sunrise inspired colors. What sets this one apart, however, is the contrast of the black and white image of the woman with the color in the rest of the imagery.

The modpodge of these images gives the wallpaper a retro vibe, but the harsh link of the triangle helps to bring it into the modern world. To bring this idea to life, snap a photograph of anything you can find inspiration in and find a quote that suits it. Blue Fire Skull Live Wallpaper 1. Three simple color palettes to use when designing.

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