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Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. I stumbled across your question while doing a google search trying to find what the fix is. Apologies for posting in a thread that is a few weeks old. But if you want to use Last.

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With Quick Search featuring Alphabet Search, you can easily scroll through long lists of music by skipping through the letters of the alphabet.

Page 1 Next Page Page 2. Switch to Hybrid Mode. If there's Bluetooth in appine car, you can pair your phone and make calls using the microphone and speakers in the car.

And by briefly I mean half a second. When I first acquired the head unit, I had a M This head unit allows you to customize your crossover adjustments so you can control where you send high and low frequencies, for the best sound from your ICS-X7HD.

Phone functions that can be used via MirrorLink include navigation, music streaming and hands-free phone calls. It is nothing to do with our software its the Phone manufacturer im afraidcontacting our engineering guys this was the exact feedback given.

What phones are Mirror Link Compatible with my Alpine ICS-X7HD?

Mirrorlink is akin to a terminal server setup, where the car kit is only displaying and doing what the phone is sending it. The other thing I have gotten figured out is that through Google plus, hang outs app, the audio works perfectly!!!

Login with Google Forgot your password? Both very new, VERY expensive, so what do we pay all this money for only to find out the potential is there, yet the function-ability is not Motorola XoomSamsung Galaxy Tab It seems like all the potential is there yet there is just some minor fix that needs to be implemented.

[Q] Mirrorlink, Car app with Alpine ICS. NO … | Verizon HTC One (M8)

They have passed my Our? I can get it to recognize mirrorlink. My M8 is rooted and S-off UK version. Video is transmitted to the phone and looks quite nice, but no matter what I try, I cant get the sound to work, I have gotten it to kick on a couple times, but two seconds later it is shuts off. Now, after reading this thread and seeing it's been narrowed down ansroid the app blocking the transmission over Aneroid, i asked for a bit more investigation.

We do list in the maula and online the compatible phones, we have spoke to various manufacturers and get little or no answers with regards to what phones they will or wont make compatible. Only for the basics.

[Q] Mirrorlink, Car app with Alpine ICS. NO Audio! (Drivelink)

Or you can control the app on your phone from the touchscreen on the MirrorLink head unit on your dashboard and ignore the phone altogether. It's an open standard for connecting your phone to your car, safely, that doesn't rely on proprietary in-car entertainment and information systems. Let's keep this thread alive in search for an answer, and if you haven't yet, get on the phone or email and rattle some cages, call alpine, call HTC, call Sony If they do come up with anything further, i'll be sure to let you know.

Do you have a large music library on your phone? Third party services may not slpine available in all areas; please contact an authorized retailer for coverage in your area. You can set up a playlist or plan your route on your phone in advance, and then it's easy to select that once you're driving along, rather than having to remember to do it before you put your hands on the wheel.

Stream your music via Bluetooth. Phone functions that can be used via MirrorLink include navigation, music streaming and hands-free phone calls. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Stereo recognizes the phone!

This all annoys me immensely as it must be simple resolution. On a Nokia handset, that gives you a dialling screen, music player and Nokia Drive with bigger, clearer buttons.

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