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I experienced this twice. When she does give birth you should have at least babies! Explore the Campus and Town. I installed the sims 3 university expansion, and I sent some of my sims to college, and now I can't find them!

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Keep in mind you have to install the base game first, or else it won't work. Each of them are similarly structured, requiring Sims to attend class, lectures, and hands-on learning activities. Important Information To use this, you must have the game: Is there any way I lifr change this?

The Sims 3 University Life

Please help it's like a fire plague has struck. Most relevant reviews See all 18 reviews.

I have yet to make a plantsim, but look forward to doing so. Heading off to university opens up new opportunities, from social connections to career growth.

Sims 3: University Life (Windows/Mac, 2013)

Or people from Nigeria don't play sims? Yes this expansion is amazing except for the minor bugs in it but other than that so worth buying!

The new irresistible trait could also be doing this Explore the Campus and Town. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Let the college experience take you, and see where you end up by the time you graduate.

Over time and with a lot of mods, I played in universitg for several years. Be the first to review this product.

I just tried to put two sims into University at the same time and it went but once they got there and I chose a house for them to rent, the check button you click to put them in it didn't turn blue I had to shut down my lab top to restart the universitg, never happened with any of my other families.

University Life Simulation Video Games. If so, that can cause it. My sims stay at the University. Tap into Your Unjversity Side!

Get Ready to Party! For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Once it is downloaded you can go to the store and click on any of the Sims 3 expansion packs you want. The campus features buildings like administration, a lecture hall, sports arena and hangouts wims the three new social groups.

Is there anything I should do to fix this or am I just stuck with it? There was some glich when 2 of my sims were; the walked away when the car to take them "home" came and it left without them.

Socializing with members of each group offers its own unique advantages, from unlocking dream jobs to an extra trait.

I keep having to extinguish my sims and the other sims in the dorm are driving me crazy! Joining a prominent social clique—Jock, Nerd, or Rebel—can lead to unique universsity specializations: Hey Nicki, the best way 2 get triplets is to use ur life reward points and buy the fertility treatments, it's like10, points. I stay in Enugu,Nigeria. I experienced this twice. Black Ops 4 Microsoft Xbox One, 8.

I want to live in it! Hey, Mikayla, i am quite nw to the sim 3 on pc, although i have ds- i would like to know what you did to get triplets and i dont really want to go trhough as much hassle as getting treatment and all.

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