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Then this extension is for you! Suppress Homepage will allow your homepage s to load only on initial startup and will then pre This article needs additional citations for verification.

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For price quotes and advertising information, please contact BackBeat Media at That brings up one area that isn't Mac-like. It also had a number of bugs homee display glitches, which Claris did not fix as late as If I'm writing an article, start typing.

The Mac Observer: First Look at Claris Home Page

And that has been the beauty of Home Page. Weirder yet, although I can see an extra line, sometimes when I switch to Source view, there's no code to explain it.

Just plain weird behavior! I Home Page, if I click once, it places the cursor.

Claris Homepage

I could do the first five steps in KompoZer, although Home Page is faster for steps one through three. My Homepage Loads your homepage when you open a new tab. Here are four examples of how center can be used:. Every browser displays things a bit differently.

Additionally, Home Page makes it easy to consolidate all your images, and upload your entire site. There is one area where KompoZer is messed up.

KompoZer 0.7.7: Getting Closer to a Replacement for Claris Home Page

It may or may not include a period or comma with the word. Another important new feature is the site management tool. You can create a web database using one of two methods; the easiest is using the FileMaker Connection Assistant.

Just as writers depend on Microsoft Word to send the right Postscript codes to their printers, we depend on Home Page to put together ckaris that displays our designs on myriad browsers. If I'm editing an article from one of our writers, cut it from its original program, paste it into TextSoap, run some cleaners, cut and then paste into the Home Page template. I've mentioned many times that Home Page was an obstacle to going Intel, and I've tried to find a workable replacement.

Some of us have looked at alternatives.

Donations Donations Low Clariss Mac is funded primarily through donations. For more complete control, two libraries containing FileMaker Pro tags are available; these tags can easily be dragged-and-dropped into a web page.

That may be the way HTML 4. Hand Coders and Visual Designers There are two schools of design: Changer automatically homepage update Homepage Changer. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Views Read Edit View history. Apple, maybe this could be your next software offering? I can just open them inside KompoZer and work on them.


Claris Home Page

However, the program did not include any sort of template system, nor did it have a system for creating DHTML menus or roll-over effects, which at the time were experimental features only available in very recent browser versions. Pages can be saved as templates, and text can now be wrapped around images and tables. Enter as many website addresses into the list as you lik New Arrivals New and updated products added to the Guide.

Get to Know Us. This article needs additional citations for verification. This is multilingual publisher; you can make your homepage in as many languages you wish.

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