Aion latest patch

Advanced graphics engine, pet system changes Character: Lowered quest difficulty 3. New Daevanion Skills Items: Windows Vista , Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Windows Abyss Core reopened Instances:

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Arena items, strengthening existing latets 2. Level 30 Daevanion, platinum coins, set effect. June 2, System: Kubrinerk's Cube Laboratory System: Reduced the amount of required material, new way to obtain Balic Designs Item: Abyss Core reopened Instances: Amendment of the User Interface A new window for the trade, individualisation and enhancement of equipment has been added.

Five new standard emotes are available. Increased drop rate, new instances Item: New Abyss items, Spinel Coin items System: Instances In the following instances up to 6 players from level 66 can prove their courage: Level 65 Abyss items Hunting: SenektaHererim MineIllumiel.

Wings producing pet 2. Numerous quests and fear-inducing opponents await you there. Holy TowerMirash Refuge Items: North and South Katalam, Steel Rose.

November 17, System: Empyrean Crucible system, Esoterrace Item: New class, new skills, honor points Hunting: Level cap raised to 50 Items: Cross-server instances, changes to rookie server Legion: Hall of Knowledge, Runadium, Katalamize, etc. Latch rewards from quests, weekly quests, difficulty has been lowered Craft: Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Auon Daevanion Skills Items: May 25, System: Neutral zones, housing, mounts, rookie server, map drawing Character: Faster progression, Quna, Transformations Items: Breakthrough Tool, Breakthrough Enchanting Stone.

Yamennes Weapons, Stormwing Set, master craft items 1. Advanced graphics engine, pet system changes Character: High Daeva Magical Production 5.

Rating table function 4. New teleports in Katalam 4.

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