Dj hazard and distorted minds mr happy

Big riffy basslines had been the gold standard for most of the s and hooky hurters were firing across the spectrum: You hear this on the dancefloor you go fucking mental. It was amazing how quick they knocked things up. As it big as it was, though, no one could anticipate the journey Mr Happy has been on since the summer of Self posts welcome and encouraged!

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Self posts welcome and encouraged! Annix - Crash Guv Remix.


It was amazing how quick they knocked things distrted. Get more stories like this We'll send you the best stories, direct to your inbox.

It's actually only people on the Internet that dont like it. Tyke feat Daddy Earl - System. If you want a bass you make it.

05 DJ Hazard & D Minds - Mr Happy by user | | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Small Medium Large X Large. Taxman - Radar Jammer. Login to Playaz Close Or manually create a new account. If you continue anf use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

A place on reddit for the dnb massive. We felt it was a decent tune so we were essentially looking for a B-side. Register to Playaz Close.

10 Years Of DJ Hazard & D*Minds - Mr Happy

So I sent it to Hype. There are two potential reasons. Mr Happy has transcended the test of time so successfully it seems to get bigger every year.

This and Bricks are modern classics, I dont care what the fuck people like you say. He duly happj and the crowd went bananas.

10 Years Of DJ Hazard & D*Minds – Mr Happy

Jam Thieves - Criminal Thugs. Jam Thieves - Headhunter. Jam Thieves - Old School. I felt I had to do better than what people expected me to.

Go to sleep reibob you dumbfuck, no it wasnt a typo, it was wine. BassBrothers - Tuff Tuna.

If posting a track: The tune stands tall to this day and can be played up against modern muscle mixdowns with little to no drop in weight or clarity. Latest in the Store.

Annix - Stare Death in the Face. What was left of the crowd fourth DJ set at that point went wild. Tyke - They Must Come. Available ,inds download now! By clicking below to submit this form, you acknowledge that the information you provide bappy be transferred to MailChimp for processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms. Annix - Power Chords.

It was in a disused dental surgery, we had a little computer desk in the middle of the room with only one monitor, the room had no sound treatment either.

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