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De cartier and national fame The group released the first single from its fifth studio album , "Pentru '98" For '98 in June Despite the album's poor sound quality and virtually inexistent label promotion, it created enough controversy around the group to allow them get signed by Cat Music, one of the largest Romanian record labels , paving their way to national superstardom. In December , they met Alin Demeter, who at the time performed under the stage name Drama and was a member of Demonii The Demons , one of the few local rap acts who performed in Romanian. The only song that was released from the sessions was on the Baieti buni -soundtrack single Strazile The Streets. Mafia - Pantelimonu' Petrece feat.

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Shortly following their radio debut, Tataee and Caddillac managed to book their first live appearance during a local hip hop concert in Bucharest, an experience they would both later remember as unpleasant, but also significantly influential in their choice of pursuing careers as professional musicians. Mafia collaborators over time.

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Group producer Tataee mentioned that the group would employ a new approach to music since the Internet had played a crucial role in the demise of the compact disc -era in the musical industry. A music video was shot by the then newly formed Atomic TV music channel, but the result was disappointing for the group's members and management and thus the video was never released.

Even though their lyrical abilities have refined over the time, the group reflected the rising anger of the urban youth detailing aspects such as urban violence or the rising poverty of the Romanian working class in post-communist Romania in their debut work.


Retrieved from " https: Aside from Casa Productions, each group member founded his own label for personal projects. Romanian hip hop groups Musical groups established in establishments in Romania Gangsta rap groups. The follow-up to Baietii Buni was only released in as the group embarked in a buh journey producing and recording two greatest hits albums in the first decade of the 21st century.

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Retrieved September 10, Retrieved March 3, The resulting song, "Lumea e a mea" The world is mine was released as a single in late and became an instant hit in Romania. Cum a decurs prima lor intalnire bjg ce meserii ar fi avut Tataee, Uzzi si Caddy daca nu se apucau de rap". This page was last edited on 19 Octoberat As Romania was still a fairly romanix country in the mids, the Romanian penal code forbad the use of profanity in public places.

The album was initially planned to be released in late but Ines changed their location, upgrading their recording technology, making group producer Tataee to insist for a re-do of the whole album in the mafix studio.

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Mafia continued to work throughout and, after the impressive success one of their concerts in Bucharest had, they were invited by TV host Mihai Tatulici to talk about their work and history in a special edition of his talk show.

It was the first B. From left to right, Caddilac, Uzzi, Tataee. In a career that spans over 20 years of activity, the group has released over 20 singles8 studio albumsone extended playone compilation album and two greatest hits albums.

De cartier and national fame The group released the first single from its fifth studio album"Pentru '98" For '98 in June The recording sessions interrupted the group's work on their greatest hits album, so its release had to be further delayed until early Hip hop Gangsta rap Hardcore hip hop. After the settlement, Irimia, Vlad-Neagu and Demeter decided to scrap the recordings they had worked on and switch to performing and writing in Romanian in order to gain access to a larger potential fanbase in their native Romania.

B.U.G. Mafia

Buv Decemberthey met Alin Demeter, who at the time performed under the stage name Drama and was a member of Demonii The Demonsone of the few local rap acts who performed in Romanian. Mafia - Part 1 - YouTube.

Pantelimon, BucharestRomania. Tataee had stated in various interviews that he had been interested in adding a professional DJ to the group since the early 90s but the few hip hop DJs in Romania were already committed to other projects.

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Since hip hop was just emerging as a music genre in Romania in the early s, studio time and stage performance opportunities were relatively limited, so the group had to rely on the restricted prospects that presented themselves to record more songs.

Despite being independently produced on a modest budget over just a few months intheir debut album Mafia signified the birth of Romanian gangsta rap and established them on the fledgling hip hop scene emerging at the time in Romania. Mafia Romanian hip hop. Mafia after a few live appearances with them in An unexpected success came from the single's b-sidea song entitled "N-ai fost acolo" You weren't therea viral response to critics claiming that the group's lyrics were pure fiction and had no factual basis whatsoever, became a massive hit during the summer and provided a strong launch pad for the album's release in September After releasing their debut album, controversy surrounded the group regarding recurring use of violent and sexual lyrics and profanity.

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