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You can create un-limited custom fields to collect any information you want from registrants. Also there is a registration history plugin allows displaying registration history of a user in his profile. Notification email sent to administrator when registrants cancel his registration.

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Fix GCalendar integration issue 2.

If you have paid events and want to send invoice PDF to your registrants after they register and complete payment for the subscription, please set this config option to Yes. Customers will receive an confirmation email about the order. Multiple emails joomoa possible, just use comma character to separate these emails, for example This email address is being protected from spambots.

Add Company name into Venue 6.

You can search for a support ticket by sumitter user name, email, user ID, can search by ticket subject, description Create and manage locations venues. Posted on 13 August Searching for a properties in OS Property system never was so easy with this module.

For recurring subscription plans, you can even setup trial price and trial duration. This way search engines will understand when the event will take place, where and what images and descriptions are related to the event. Outstanding Extension mystifier 2.

5+ best Joomla extensions for conference and event management 2017

Choose the group you want to be able to register for this event. Excellent again from Joomdonation!! Remove users from these group when their subscription expired. Jkomla Team Last updated: You can limit how many members a group admin can add into the system for each plan. Joom Donation - Version 4. Backend management Flexible configuration. What a sweet booking component. Categories page to display list of categories and sub-categories.

Upcoming Events - Events Booking Demo

With Mailer Pro, you can send emails to: They all have their pros and cons evengs for me, online support is paramount. Access Level - Choose the group which you want to be able to to access to this category default is Public.

Choose the fields which you want to be showed on billing page of the registration process the setting from Configuration will be used to generate the default setting here Group Members Fields: Registration Form page displayes registration form to allow users to enter the requested information, process payment to register for a specific event.

Jooomla Pro added a feature which makes it easier for customers and you to read these code by supporting code highlighter highlighter for most of programming languages are supported. Bring something to take notes with and come sit back and listen to why real estate investing is meant for everyone. Joom Donation is leading donation extension for Joomla.

Fix issue on sending Confirmation email 8. Set prices based on dates, price automatically calculated based on dates and prices and number of rooms. The Best Boking McIntyre Back to search results. We use its events calendar and reservations system heavily, and we are looking forward to using its new front-end features so I no longer have to export information from the back-end for the members of our organization.

If you have repeated answers which you usually use to reply your customers for their support request, you can add these answer to Pre-defined replies.

It was also great to see an update posted just after I purchased this, responding to a feature request from a user so shows developer listens to customers!

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