Bolt torque calculator

It is extremely important to realize that this tightening value is valid only so long as all of the aspects of the application remain constant Bolt suppliers sometimes have customers say that their bolts are no good because they have started breaking while being installed. Thread Bolt [S p ]. More than likely, it was an issue of inadequate torqueing.

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Nominal Size, Threads per Inch.

This will help to check that the design is easy to mantain and prevent future redesign process during the assembly. Bolt tries to turn back to its original length and exerts a force on the joint.

Suppliers need to understand this and be able to educate their customers to resolve this common customer complaint about breaking bolts. The bolt material, most commonly steel, resists this natural stretching and creates a clamping force upon the assembled substrates.

The first factor is the bolt's diameter.

FUTEK Bolt Torque Calculator | Bolt Torque Calculators

Metric bolts are more simply identified: This article provides such a chart for "Initial Target Tightening Torque. Send us any suggestion you have.

Steel Bolt Grades and Bolt Markings. AmesWeb Calculators Screw Threads. Supplementary tables about the material properties of bolts. The calculattor factor is the bolt's grade.

The Fine series is suitable when the resistance to stripping of both external and xalculator internal threads equals or exceeds the tensile load carrying capacity of the externally threaded member. See the "Supplements" section for approximate accuracy of bolt preload methods. Many times I have been asked if a chart is published on the recommended tightening torque for toeque bolt grades and sizes.

Click on info button for more info. Standard specification for alloy-steel and stainless steel bolting for high temperature or high pressure service and other special purpose applications.

The chart is provided for quick reference by fastener suppliers and users for selecting an initial target tightening torque. Examples include, but are not limited to those in the accompanying table. The only way to properly determine the optimum tightening torque for a given application is to simulate the exact application. An over-torqued bolt that is stretched beyond its elastic limit is severely weakened, diminishing its effective load capacity.

UNC give possibility for calfulator assembly. Other standards regulate specific types or applications for bolts and they should be consulted as trque.

By using the elongation value of the bolt and bolt material properties, the bolt preload can be calculated. To arrive at the correct calcuoator value, several other values must be found first. Go to Navigation Go to Content. Once the clamp load is determined, finding the correct torque value for a bolt is one simple calculation away.

Another function is to help to check the maintainability.

Bolt torque calculator metric( vdi 2230)

This should be done with a tension indicating device of some type on the bolt in the application. Click on info button for more info 2 In section Head Size and Type either select one fastener ISO with the "Select Standard for Type" option or enter manually the type and whether the fastener is socket or not in the right part of the page, once you have selected Custom option. Thankfully, standards organizations have assembled the standard tensile strengths for common bolts into easy-to-use standards.

The bolt is tightened until the desired P load is indicated by the tension indicating device. The standard designation calcjlator a UTS thread is a number indicating the nominal major diameter of the thread in inches.

An under-torqued bolt or screw will allow negligible separation between the workpieces, which seems trivial at first, but after consistent dynamic loading or other operating stresses, the bopt between workpieces will grow.

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