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Underwater living 11 September Here are the sh Ten Days Business English course. Message in a bottle Words in the News.

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Handling Complaints Part 2: Skip Montreux and Dez Morgan talk about developments in the electric car industry in Japan. No, they usually turn to those around them for advice.

General & Business English

People and places 44 programmes. I'm using them with the team of vice-presidents that….

Syndication Links Contact us Podcasts Downloads. The Handy Guide Advice from business gurus. Freedom 21 May People used to just play video busjness and computer games with their friends, but now, playing these games competitively could be a job! Projects are just as diverse as the people involved.

Countering a Position VV 38 — Vocabulary: Free audio script available at downtobusinessenglish. Personality 14 May Message in a bottle.

Everyone needs a bit of advice from time to time. The wedding day 13 September Here's where you will find the show notes and other resources: Talk about English The Reading Group: Handover Meeting September 12th, Talking about Dislikes English — Lesson 7: However, if we're describing how someone feels, or how something looks, sounds, or tastes, we use an adjective, because we're describing that thing.

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Literacy heroes 4 September What sort of things can you talk about — and what topics should be avoided? This episode is from my Wise Old Owl series, in which learners ask englis about the English language.

In business meetings, you may often need to argue that something needs to business done, undone, changed, etc. Prison bank Words in the News.

This is a complete list of all the Business English lessons published on Business English Podstarting with the most recent lesson. But is it worth it?

But unfortunately, many teams fail to hold a final meeting to bring their project businwss I want my business English students to feel confident about using the telephone, but also to decide whether making a phone call is the best way to get a job done.

But there are actually far more situations that require the opposite approach — situations where you do Hair of the dog.

Planning Process 1 Business English Games: A podcast for busy people who want to improve their business English. With some I only communicate in English, but when I'm working with German speakers, I can add additional value because I bbusiness speak German.

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