Emulator for ps3

I can use my PS3 controller then too. I have one and it works just fine for NES and N TV - Vue - Share Play. I'm going down the pi route, see if I can figure that out from scratch. Super easy and relatively cheap!

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I have a computer and I play all of them, using a decent gamepad to play them all.

That way your not limited on your choices. Link my dude http: If you don't have a computer, ejulator it's time to get one.

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That's what I do. Does anyone know of a good n64 emulator for the PS3? I stumbled a few times but thinking on it that be because I assumed too much Sometimes in this life you get what you pay for. I want a lightweight solution, or an addition to what I already have. RetroArch is the reference implementation of the ffor API.

TV - Vue - Share Play. Super easy tutorials to follow! It must be PS3 related.

Submit a new link. If I had the ability I would totally do it just to add a little satisfaction to [probably] a small minority of people. Alternatively, you can buy readymade Retropie units, mind. What's wrong using a computer to emulated for old PC games or old gaming consoles?

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Spoiler Guide [inFamous Spoiler] s "Don't get wet. I have one and it works just fine for NES and N Just being realistic is all. I seriously want to get back to playing some of those sweet games from my youth, but on a wireless controller I would love to say that not being techie is no problem but tbh you may struggle.

RetroArch has been ported to many platforms. Some games are not perfect. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Pa3 Policy. Got a subreddit you want to see here?

RetroArch runs programs converted into dynamic libraries called libretro cores, using several user interfaces such as command-line interface, a few graphical user interfaces GUI optimized for gamepads the most famous one being called XMB, a clone of Sony's XMBseveral input, audio and video drivers, plus fo sophisticated features like dynamic rate control, audio filters, multi-pass shaders, netplay, gameplay rewinding, cheats etc.

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Emulators for PS3

Posts that don't meet the guidelines above are subject to removal without notice and possibly a ban from the subreddit at moderator's discretion. A possibility they mentioned is a n64 emulator IF they achieve it.

Have a look on Amazon. It is described as a front-end for emulators, game engines, video games, media players and other applications, designed to be fast, lightweight, portable and without dependencies. It's just more hardware isn't it. Adding a PC is a bulky solution when you just want emlator lean back with a beer and not think. Only PC and maybe android have absolutely all cores.

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