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I know I ranted about it being mediocre, and it is, but, as I mentioned before, you only have to buy one chapter. Submit a new text post. Skip to content Show Menu. The reason this game is so mediocre is because it suffers from an ailment that afflicts way too many games these days:

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Can't play in of the ps The game received zero publicity before it was sprung upon the PSP community. If you still feel like playing after you beat the chapyer chapter, then buy a second chapter. Submit a new link.

You can have it compressed in. For some reason you can only store one Ape Quest file on your PS3 at one time.

PSP Fanboy mini-interview: Ape Quest

ISO to make the dlcs work or can i compress it to. I didn't know you could play this game on the PS3 too. Sony PlayStation Portable Genre: Add user to Ignore List after reporting. Keep me updated on what transpires. Log In Sign Up.

PSP Fanboy mini-interview: Ape Quest

Before I close this up, I want to stress the fact that this is not a terrible game. Don't have an account? Thanks a lot for helping, i should be okay for now! Quesh of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Notes optional; required for "Other": Plus it has Final Fantasy in the name. Your gonna need to also copy gold or blue since red chapter is the last chapter.


I think if you buy the bundle you only copy red. From around the web. You sometimes encounter minigames, but they get old aps quickly, or random encounters, but there are basically only two enemies in the game: Will it also be downloadable there, or will it be on UMD?

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Ape Quest [Psp] for PSVita PSP — buy cheaper in official store • PSprices Greece

Movement works like a board game, where you tell your character where to go and he walks a certain number of spaces to the destination. All of chapfer work for all regions, all you have to do is change the name of the folder to the release code of that game in that region. If you know you're doing everything right and the thing won't work, then it probably means you have to modify the "DLC loader engine".

How to stream music using the RSS channel. If your recovery menu has different things, or the things I've said don't appear on your part or the DLC won't work even after trying this then it means chalter probably don't have PRO CFW and I recommend upgrading to 6.

I would be extra grateful if someone help me on finding an working download or a solution to unlock the content. Accept a quest, and then move your character to a specific point on the map where you fight a battle, complete a minigame, or just complete the quest by virtue of reaching that spot. Boney00 Boney00 10 years ago 7 I didn't know you could play this game on the PS3 too. This will potentially include other "Ape" games. The one major problem with this formula is that the game gets boring before you can even finish a single chapter.

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