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The GoodWay 5 map covers the whole world and can be used to monitor your progress in the generated flight plan in real time. Dear johnmmetcalfe, you are right, it is impossible to do it for a plugin because plugin manager do not allow it. You don't get the airport display in the Demo, but the official one looks like this.

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The navigation data that X-Plane contains that you can not see all become accessible through GoodWay. Anyway, all the best to v5, I used v4 nearly everyday with pleasure. Imagine you have to travel, without road signs, without a compass, without a map even without a path. In addition, a real flight will require accurate calculation of passing altitudes as well as fuel consumption that GoodWay can not handle for real aircraft!

I tried out the "Demo" version. Catolsen Recently i downloaded AIFP, thinking that i could add to the experience by adding ai traffic Headshake by SimCoders Plugins: A small red dot appears beside to indicate that this waypoint is under your control. It uses all of the navaids and the airports of X-Plane.

Once you have created the basic route you can easily modify it to meet your current requirements. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I have purchased the goodway plugin 5. It allows you to create your own fight plan or it can generate one for you automatically. Until that option is built in, which XP11 allows, I won't purchase. Already have an account? The impact on the frame rate is very low and only concerns the display of the windows.

Posted October 22, This tool is your The v5 Goodway is not that different than the older v4 version all those years ago, yes there are new features, but in reality it is still really the same old Gateway.

And usually it was way off the map, and then you had to leap frog the duplicate waypoint back down from visual waypoint to visual waypoint to the first waypoint that you needed to select?

Not that big a leap from v4, Still a few quirks that drove you mad then still do, No topographical mapping for altitudes, Expensive for a vector program and only one computer per license is permitted. Burt - Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog. If no window is open, the frame rate will not be impacted. In this article, we will put GoodWay 5's flight planner through its paces to see if it is up to the job.

Vector design means very fast movement and scale, so scrolling is extremely fast and the whole world is easily available. Flying even in a simulator is nice, but knowing how to navigate, knowing where we are and knowing that we are doing it as if we were in command of a real aircraft really brings a big plus to this experience. - Review/Tutorial: GoodWay 5 Flight Planner

Overview In this first section, we will discuss exactly what the new GoodWay 5 Flight Planner is capable of achieving, and the benefits it can provide when planning and navigating your route. Earlier versions or 32Bits are not recognized.

Is there a bug in this part of Goodway for Xplane11? GoodWay is your map.

A Tutorial & Review of the Goodway 5 Flight Planner for X-Plane

The flight plan is the same and depends mainly on your flight altitude and the type of flight. This product is fantastic! More devil-may-care attitude to flighy I have not met anywhere else.

H High - L Low routes. But this didn't work, the airplanes just didn't show

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