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However, if you look closely at the last two line of the chorus, he seems to indicate contemplating suicide. The night she vanished, they were by the river together, then they went their separate ways and she was never seen alive again. Possibly due to a guilty conscience. Flag thegrievousangel on March 11, Want to get your weekly dose of The Prompt?

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She cheated on him.

richars At the end of 12 episodes encompassing the first season of Serialafter stepping through all the evidence and arguments and appeals to the seeming good nature of Adnan Syed, we were left mostly in the same place we started.

I think the "I karx her by the river" and "went out walking alone" can be easily reconciled as both true: And then the Nebraska line actually came because the syllables of it and the sound of it sang so well: The video ends with the protagonist leaving the town once and for all by hitchhiking. Karx if he did want to commit suicide, it wouldn't necessarily be because he was guilty. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!

But that is part of the appeal. But the two videos, I think, create a story that points to the sheriff as the richarv. Flag thegrievousangel on March 11, A sweet, sweet collective of writers, artists, podcasters, and other creatives. We can rule out suicide. Either she killed herself or was killed by Richard Marx's character, the sheriff, or her unknown lover.

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I wish I had a ricbard answer than: Or, possibly, someone else completely killed her. He was possibly mixed up emotionally by his lack of stability within the family. But there was never a murder.

Retrieved January 12, Did Richard kill Mary in a fit of jealous rage?

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The sheriff then tries his hardest to incriminate Richard until the other officers have to tell him to back off because there's no good evidence against him. Was he checking up on "his" Mary?

In addition to these new suspects we also learn a few other, potentially pertinent, details from the video. Richard Marx — Hazard.

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Marx made that part up. You don't hear anything else about the narrator's mother in the song, and there's no mention of the residents taking a dislike toi her, only her son. That's why Richard hazwrd walking there in the first place—he was hoping to run into her. This is not surprising, since we learn from the opening stanza how the townspeople had always regarded him with suspicion.

Various scenes in this sequence can cause the viewer to become unclear about the nature of their relationship. Ashamed of what she had done and that she lost her only true friend. He then denies that he and Mary were romantically involved, and the sheriff asks if Marx was jealous. Song Meaning guys remember that there are two mrx about this song.

If she committed suicide, what's going on in these shots?

Flagged arthurn on January 31, It also forces us to remember that somewhere in Nebraska is a real town called Hazard, with real people 70 of them, according to the latest census who have both real and fictional problems. The video brings in a few additional characters:

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