Are you dave gorman

I have to admit, this book was very refreshing in comparison to the usual teenage fiction that I read. One of the most remarkable aspects of the adventure is the support that Dave and Danny are shown from all kinds of random people, including the other Daves — it turns out that almost everyone wants them to succeed, and you will too when you start reading it. It revolves around two English guys who travel the world looking for people with the same name as the co-author, Dave Gorman. This acquired something of a cult following [ citation needed ] and several people helped Dave in his quest, which he did eventually complete.

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Rave I've been wanting to read this book ever since I stumbled across a review in a book in the library called must reads for young adults or something similar.

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The story itself was groman meeting a set number of people named Dave Gorman as a result of a bet, and was adventureful because at the time it was still a world of phone books a A long time Danny Wallace fan I thought I'd give his buddy Dave Gorman a go as I had heard good things about this book.

Open Preview See a Problem? During a trip to New York, Gorman applied somewhat arbitrary criteria to exclude one man from the list on the grounds that a metal plaque outside his offices showed his name as "B.

I give this five stars for an exciting and well-written book. The show was called Are You Dave Gorman? Feb 02, Vasilia rated it really liked it. But it is well worth a read, even if it's not quite as good as Part travelogue, part description of a drunken bet - this is about stand-up comedian and writer Dave Gorman's trek to find 54 other Dave Gormans. But they are chatty, silly and warm-hearted; and you can soon see how total strangers might agree to swap intimacies with their two unexpected guests.

I loved the writing style, dage both Dave and Danny davs their story at the same time, Danny's entries in regular typeface and Dave's in bold. Eventually Danny's increasingly fed up Norwegian girlfriend Hanne steps in to try and force things to a conclusion in a limited time frame.

We travel with them to New York, Tel Aviv and the Isle of Wight in what I found to be a very engageing adventure that kept me entertained and wanting to read on. Dave Gorman is one of the show's team captains.

Aug 04, Alex S rated it really liked it Shelves: I have always enjoyed the reflections on London life in your 20's from these guys. It revolves around two English guys who travel the world looking for people with the same name as the co-author, Dave Gorman.

How to Start Your Own Country. Yes Dave Gorman hunting was not limited to Britain Every little bit is included from each cup of tea to each foreign country. Oct 21, Tim rated goran liked it Shelves: It was enough to whet my appetite and one of thee first books I bought on my kindle though I have only just got around to dzve it. Soon the bet is refined to find 54 Dave Gormans or Dave Gormen and the pair are criss- This is a fun travelogue by Dave Gorman and his best mate, drunken bet making buddy, and, at the time, flatmate Danny Wallace.

Are You Dave Gorman?

May 29, Elliott rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The book alternates between the two authors as they describe the Tequila fuelled bet that Dave Gorman couldn't find loads of other Dave Gormans. Beware comedians placing bets; they always want to write a book about it afterwards. Jun 25, Jo rated it it was amazing Shelves: Once a potential DG has been sighted, it's all systems go on a 24,mile journey that takes the two flatmates from Tooting to Tel Aviv, and straight in to the sitting rooms of some of the world's most ordinary men.

When a pair of flatmates get into a drunken argument about arf many people there are in the world called Dave Gorman there is really only one sensible course of action gotman take. David Gorman" his justification for this — given on his web forum — was "You've got to have rules". As a footnote, it's worth noting that this book was written in the days before Google, Facebook and even MySpace Bill Clinton was still scandal-free and living in the White Houseso the level of achievement, regardless of how immature, is actually quite impressive!

This is a hilarious book, as ALL his are, and it's well worth a read.

And it's very, very funny. How on earth the pair managed to persuade some gormah, including two women to change their name by deed poll to Dave Gorman to enable them to complete the challenge within Hanne's time frame is a mystery. Maybe that's because I didn't really enjoy this book and can't think of anyone is recommend it to. She even resorts to hiding Danny's passport.

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