Dragon ball z chou saiya densetsu

Rikum should be next, who should put up a decent fight, but isn't really that hard. Though, don't worry, because after a few rounds, Piccolo arrives. Depending on which one you kill the other runs away and brings back Ginyu. Shortly after being kidnapped by Radditz, Gohan shows his anger, as he wounds Radditz with just a headbutt, which was more than what Goku and Piccolo could do together. He'll give you the Gohan Card, which will allow you to beat Radditz.

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You won't let that happen. Nope, sorry, you can't. The game expands on the card-based system used by the original games while utilizing a more traditional exploration system which does not use the card-based system and is instead free-form with random encounters. Shin Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku: Just as the two begin to enter a Battle, Zarbon flies in and asks for the Dragon Balls, with Vegeta telling him to come and get them.

Sell any unwanted Cards and now start to buy some Korin Cards. This is any Card that doesn't match their symbol. Find Nail, who's to the southwest and talk to him.

Same as with Goku, grind, heal, level. The game is unique, not only because it's a Dragon Ball Z RPG, but because there are "optional" secret parts to the game which will power up the player if they follow the plot of the anime. The other Bball would kill your Ginyu easily. The Saibamen And Nappa.

This WILL wear off eventually, though, but if you see this, don't select them to fight.

Captain Ginyu tells them that he must take the Dragon Balls to Frieza, but Gohan tells him to wait, but it's useless, he flies off and salya left to deal with the other four. Also there are two fairies on Namek that allow you to collect a Dragon Ball and pass into Guru's domain.

Dragon Ball Z: Chou Saiya Densetsu - Walkthrough

You need to Look at it to find him. Mainly if you're strong enough, you can breeze by anything and the same tactics work over and over again, so if anything needs mentioning, I'll mention it in The Walkthrough, but other than that, use common sense and you'll be fine.

Status - Check the stats of each character in your party. Simply defeat them, they aren't a problem. After getting the Gohan Card, leave the house and Goku will announce it's time to fight Radditz and you'll automatically encounter him, as all 3 talk and then enter Battle.

Dragon Ball Z: Chou Saiya Densetsu Similar Games - Giant Bomb

If you manage to survive and not get hit once, you'll get a Guru Card after for free. Examine it to find a Yajirobe Card. After some discussion choou Kurirun densetsh he's going to train as well, you see a small scene of Nappa and Vegeta, the 2 Saiyans heading to Earth, having a small talk.

Once you get near them, they'll come and attack you, but before anything happens, Goku arrives on Namek and confronts Ginyu and fights him for you. This is just really simple.

Dragon Ball Z: Chou Saiya Densetsu

Head south on the path and you'll see yet another Capsule. Because they fight just like they do in the show.

Talk to him and he'll join you and give you a Puar Card. If you don't manage to run, all 5 of your Cards will lose 1 dot off them. Now, fully healed up and ready to go, take that path that you saw going east earlier now and you'll find Radditz The final Battle is against a entire clone saiyx of The Ginyu Force.

Also at his Maximum Level, he's all ready for Frieza. Now, when you see a path heading north and east, head east and you'll find a Capsule. Once you enter the Battle, the best strategy is to just attack him with your strongest Cards, as he is not that hard at all. I suggest buying some Kami Cards and some Mr.

Zarbon laughs at his stupidity and then it goes back to Bulma and the others. Along the way, it says Gohan trained, but when you look at his stats, nothing has increased.

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