Cisco configuration assistant

It also explains how to handle multiple phone calls within a blast group on the UC Series. Feature 07 Simplified troubleshooting: All documents are pdf format.

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This is the extension assixtant to a specific line. Choose the destination for an unanswered call to the blast group in the No Answer Forward to drop-down list. Cisco Configuration Assistant supports up to 30 managed devices in a small business network deployment, including: The available options are:.

Choose a phone that is part of the blast group in the User Extensions tab then click Edit.

Call Blast Groups on the UC Series Devices through Cisco Configuration Assistant

Cisco Configuration Assistant supports multisite configuration, allowing a maximum of five Cisco Unified Communications Series sites to be networked together in a full-mesh data and voice virtual private network VPN.

Choose an option from the line column in the Button Assignments tab. Feature 04 Switch configuration: Feature 06 Network synchronization: This article describes how to configure call blast groups. Specifications Reviews Downloads Related Video Cisco Configuration Assistant simplifies the task of configuring, deploying, and administering Cisco small business network solutions.

Designed specifically for small business networks serving up to users, this PC-based application with a simple graphical user interface GUI allows you to discover and configure Cisco Smart Business Communications System SBCS devices and platforms.

Error notification messages also appear on the System Dashboard.

Cisco Configuration Assistant simplifies the task of configuring, deploying, and administering Cisco small business network solutions. To download flyer, brochure or specification of Cisco Configuration Assistantclick the on the buttons.

Once call blast groups are configured, they are available to be selected as destinations for inbound call routing, Auto Attendant, call forward destinations, and other telephony features.

When consecutive phone calls are assistwnt to a blast group, you will be able to manage these calls with the second extension. A minimum of two members must be assigned per call blast group. All Projector Projector Accessories This feature allows for one phone to have the capability to answer multiple calls receive by the blast group. Enter the timeout value in seconds in the Timeout sec field.

Cisco Configuration Assistant

All documents are pdf format. This section explains how to configure a secondary extension on the UC This is the extension is used to reach the call blast group. Enter the pilot number for the call blast group in the Pilot field. Enter the number in the Extension field in the Parameters tab. This amount of time specifies how long a call will go unanswered before it is redirected.

Cisco Configuration Assistant can interact with and configure key voice applications and devices. Click an available member and then click the Add button to assign them as part of the call blast group. Cisco Configuration Assistant can consolidate all the system logs required into configuraion single archive with one button press.

The Call Blast Groups page opens:.

The list of available and selected members of the particular call blast group is displayed at cidco bottom of the window in the Members of Call Blast Group area. Users can view the status of devices and monitor the network from three perspectives: Call blast groups are phone assistant where a single pilot number is dialed and several phones ring simultaneously.

This feature detects inconsistent settings in the network, such as VLAN mismatches, incorrect time settings, and problems with security policies.

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