Animal jam password hacker

Right now im using a user called Tranquilthewolf and i can see they are on my account every day! My username is bow21 i dont remember my password and im really panicking and they're playing as me ive been watching them on my storage account and fake being me and scamming people plz help and my email is katy. Unknown May 23, at 7: I also had another username by the name of clawclub, could you recover the password to that one, too? Before you make a comment, please consider using these rules.

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Mistymewtwo I hacked your account mistymewtwo by the way and it is awesome and I have changed the password on it so ya byes. Anonymous June 8, at 3: He told her that someone was hacking her account. Never passwird give your credit card details on phone. Cutebunny Ill tell everthing I want this to be private.

My username is tinypawz6 My Password was lwdv18 and I'm not using a hack system to hack animaljam So could you send my password to DeAwesomeKat gmail. Unknown May 23, at 1: If you animao your account, remember to enable it before you try to log in. Eventually, she managed to log on enough to send a few of her best items to a storage.

Anonymous June 12, at 6: To prove i 'm not hacking or cheating the systemI have another account your username and the password is your password. Unknown July 20, at To make sure ur not a hack u need to work for my password its backwards btw lol USER: Unknown April 20, at 8: Posted by AnimalJam Password at 5: The thing that makes people scared about him is his weird username.

I got hacked I don't know who hacked me!!!

Use latest anti-virus software and keep them updated. I asked what happened, and a wolf said she glitches people. Lps dreambig March 9, at 3: Unknown July 22, at 3: Cat goes Woof April 22, at 8: But I think he's made a new account Unknown December 11, at Maybe someone was mad at me 3. Rare bow and arrows Color: If you notice some suspicious activity on your account, change your password immediately. Oh and I want black spike black worn black spike wristband and black tail armor.

The Animal Jam Whip: Jamaa's Biggest Hacker - Apr.

To prove i 'm not hacking or cheating the systemI have another account Maxter mi E. Angila Nolan August 18, at Bronxy1 is my username. Eclipse was talking back. She said it was Radioactivebug He doesn't glitch people anymore.

Opal Beats November 23, at

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