Bhajan sai baba

Thou art the ever-blissful Lord who experiences Brahmananda. Son of Mother Eshwaramma! Thy name is potent and powerful for the purification of the fallen ones.

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Thou sa about in Brindavan garden and Thou art beloved Lord of devotees who lifted aloft the Mandhara mountain. Lord of Supreme Bliss and Lord of Parthi.

Thou art full of mercy and compassion; treasure of bliss and virtues; protector of devotees and uplifter of miserable and dejected. O Sai Krishna bestow Your Grace on us, lead us to our salvation.

Lord Rama holds Kodanda bow and destroyed Demons or evil forces.

Sing the names of Rama, Krishna, Narayana, who resides in all beings, and Hari, another name for Krishna. The victorious Lord Hari! O Our beloved Lord! You are the one who protects us from sorrow. Light the light within, Sai; Eternal creator, be compassionate; Be compassionate, all pervasive, effulgent one; Divine father and mother, give us your grace; Uplifter and Savior of all who are troubled; Mother of creation, protect us.

Thou art the Sustainer of entire creation and of those who are miserables and dejected. Aai the name of Lord Govinda of Gokula and Brindavana. Sing in praise of Hari Narayana Vishnu. Chant the name of Govinda Bhwjan of the senses and sing of his divine qualities. Victory be to the eternal blissful cowherd boy Krishna.

O Merciful Lord Ram! Immaculate beauty is Lord Sai's form. O Prince of Nanda! Chant the names of the Lord: Thou incarnated in Dwarka City as Lord Shyam. Siddhi VinAyaka, the fulfiller of wishes, who dispels bhxjan in our worldly existence! Worship the Supreme Teacher, Sai - the auspicious embodiment of all learning and wisdom, adept in the art of producing sweet melodies on veena Saraswathibestower of all knowledge, who has the celestial swan as vehicle.

Victory to Lord Sathya Sai Baba. Salutations to Thee, Hey supreme dancer Natarajathe One having matted locks of hair.

Lord Sai Naatha, bearer of Ganges and bestower of auspiciousness and lover of deep meditative states.

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baa Krishna, Radha's Lord, who gives compassion to all and tends the cows and plays the flute. O Lord, come and light the lamp of wisdom in me.

Thy name is potent and powerful for the purification of the fallen ones. Thou art the master actor of the Divine Play.

You are the caretaker of the universe. O Lord of Pandharpura!

Captivator of hearts of devotees. Chant the name of Rama, Sai Krishna.

Prasanthi Mandir Bhajans

Charming, sweet Ram, You killed the demons Danavas. Happiness saj Lord Sai's divine name. Lord Shiva, supreme Lord, adorned with the crescent moon; Lord of the purest qualities, dancing Lord Shiva, we bow to thee.

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