Chicken and egg game

Your post shows 13 moves - the game only give The trick is to plan several steps ahead and only slide an egg if you're sure it needs to be moved. Anyway can anyone help me? You can read our daily honest reviews and walkthroughs, play games, discuss about them.

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I guess I'm just dense, mandygirl.

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Left Orange right don't hit spikes. It was driving me crazy! Level 47 3stars 3rd blue from left all way to left the same blue now all way down.

Level 75, the last one, have been at it for two days now on my iPhone and am charging the thing twice a day!!! First, don't panic after you notice the intro screen you've seen before. Level chickenpox right blue down then left to meet the other blue Left pink down Right pink left Left pink right Ajd green down Then to the right not letting the blue stopper stop you Then to the right stopping at blue stopper Then up come to rest on top of the blue stopper rather than it stopping you one box below Right green up.

Stuck on level soft center!! After we leave it, Kiterescu takes us first to the All the cute chickens have been trapped in their eggs by anx Easter Bunny. That level is hard and now I'm stick on 68 or 69 soft centre.

I have all but that one.

Chicken Egg - Two Player Games

But I need help with level 47! I love this game! It's driving me crazyy! Tesshi-e just revisited his favourite hotel, lost his way Paula there's an answer up above.

RSS Feed Subscribe to our feed. Sumo Snowman Eat snowbullies that are the same size or smaller to grow bigger. Level 33 taste like chicken all 3 stars green on left all way up same green all way to right red on the right side all way to left green on left side all way to down blue right and same blue all way down now same blue all way to left red all way to right now same red all way down red now all way to left green on right side all way down same green now all way to left bingo.

Chicken Egg Game

So if you can average more than 3 dots per shot, then it's worth trading shots for dots. Monthly Archives Select a Month Now move blue down then left, and finish with green moving straight down.

Click an egg to bring up a set of arrows showing you where it can slide, then click an arrow to send it flying. I'm stuck on c8. The three cartoon heroes can jump to different heights.

It's your job to match like-colored shells together by sliding the eggs across the grid. Hi I'm stuck on level 24 chickenpox.

Right green right for points Left green right. Can anyone give me a hint please??

chickne I'm stuck on level 40 on the IPhone! Level 13 left brown down then right don't get cracked by the spikes Bottom row left pink up Bottom row right pink left then up resting on top of the spikes Right pink up. Catch Pigs Someone forgot to close the door and now all the pigs are escaping.

Chicken & Egg

However, the pinks on my do not meet with just the two moves you stated. There are 30 puzzles in all, ten for each level of difficulty. The level is called chickenpox, yes it is an easy level I just can't get it. The first-signal system activates!

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