Bleach memories of nobody

Back-flipping away, she asks who he is. As Rukia asks what Ichigo is doing, Ichigo says whatever Senna is, it does not change her being here now. In the Valley of Screams, an unconscious Senna lies strapped to a post with several purple orbs rotating around her. At a captains' meeting in Soul Society, 12th Division Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi reveals the Blanks' wandering is not entirely without purpose, for they seek out their own memories for a time.

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As a green column of light grows brighter, Rin reveals they have reports of countless spiritual explosions in the Dangai, and the Human World and Soul Society are both stabilizing, for the fusion has stopped. When Ichigo asks why there is such a large amount of Reiatsu, Rukia, saying she does not know, states she has never felt anything like it. However, the process of the collapse continues, before Senna sacrifices herself to push the two worlds back apart.

Retrieved April 7, Blood Prison Road to Ninja: As Kenpachi ot after him, Mue fires the segments of his blade at him. Grabbing it, he realizes something as a girl tells her friend to shut up and states it will be the same either way.

As Orihime welcomes them back, Kon runs towards Rukia, who stomps on him. Add to My List. Pulling Kon's pill out of his plushie, Ichigo, wiping it off on his shirt, swallows it and exits his body.

As Hitsugaya walks away and tells him to come with them, Ichigo runs after him and tells Senna he will be right back. As Riyan tells memries to hurry, Jai lifts Senna up by the throat and asks if she is ready to go.

Suika no Hoshi Kara Konnichiwa zansu!

Bleach: Memories of Nobody - Wikipedia

When Orihime asks if they have to follow Ichigo, Urahara states they cannot, for the Valley of Screams is a spiritual world like Soul Society. As Iba tells him to not be ridiculous, Ikkaku asks if it is okay for a lieutenant to be drinking sake at noon, prompting Iba to state he has had so little he might as well be drinking water.

As the ice dragon is destroyed by the explosions, a chuckling Riyan tells Hitsugaya to not try to outlast him. Expressing surprise at Hitsugaya having this much energy left, Riyan realizes there is ice sealing off his rocketpacks. As she tries to state what she is, Ichigo stops fo and says he does not like this.

Saying she cannot do so yet, for she has not kept her promise, Ichigo sees Jai struggle to his feet and apologizes for cutting off his arm. As Ichigo begins to say something, they hear a man calling Tomoya's name. Dallos — Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel: Mfmories her pained expression, Ichigo asks if something is wrong, which Senna denies. Explaining her view of this world, Senna, telling him it will be okay, reveals the Blanks are still close to her, and if she uses their energy, she can return both worlds to normal.

After defeating a Hollow in a local park, unidentified ghost-like spirits begin to appear, before a mysterious Soul Reaper named Senna appears and destroys the spirits.

Saying he did not, Ichigo reveals he ran into the people whom Kon saw, prompting Urahara to ask if he is hurt.

When Ichigo states this is what he wants to know, Senna asks why they want it, prompting him to say he does not know. As Senna explains how everything becomes crystal clear when bobody is up high, Ichigo comments on her hair ribbon.

Ukitake blocks Mue 's attack. Telling Ichigo to not just leave him here, Kon is surrounded by the figures.

Bleach: Memories of Nobody

When he asks what happened to her usual energy, a smiling Senna tells him to shut up. Seeing a man walk by, Ichigo, confronting him, sees his face and is reminded of the Nnobody. In Soul Society, as a Shinigami says they will pass the critical point in two minutes, Ukitake wonders what the Shinigami in the Valley of Screams are doing. At a captains' meeting in Soul Society, 12th Division Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi reveals the Blanks' wandering is not entirely without purpose, for they seek out their own memories for a time.

When she asks Ichigo and Nobbody what they wanted to talk about, Rukia demands to know which division she is in, prompting Senna to remind her she said she cannot keep track of nobocy like this. As he wonders where he goes from here, Senna states he really did come back. As Rukia explains the situation, Ichigo draws Zangetsu and states he will give it a shot.

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