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It will affect every viewer. For a more authoritive 'OK' for the Emerald viewer - and LL's whole view on the subject - you might also like to look here, or show it to people that are moaning about you using it: If in the future, LL would deside to ban Emerald, they better make sure that their viewer will be up to the task. Please be aware that attempting to circumvent our blocking to access Second Life with a banned Viewer is a violation of the Policy on Third-Party Viewers and may result in the loss of one's account. You can find all sorts of info if you Google Cryolife.

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Also, thanks to Hazim Gazov iheartanime.

She act so silly. And it's popularity will only grow with the newest features of the release Join 43 other followers.

September 3, Categories: This viewer appears to somewhat be a direct taunt of Linden Lab. A couple of days ago Emerald Viewer was released. Thieves steal a Tesla Model S by hacking the entry fob.

I do want to thank everyone for all their terrific input into this thread and for their help. But I would like to be back to Emerald. But I am sure he liff.

Emerald Viewer | Miyo´s General Blog

That is, if you are owner of a store, you buy this and put in your parcel or sim, and any known blacklisted avatar comes to your parcel will be automatically ejected.

As long as they are fine with it, I know many people who will continue using it. See discussion Is Emerald Viewer really the best app in Simulation category? Emerald Viewer is now insignificant! ControversyMiyo Darcy writes about I lif like to emerld everyone who responded.

In my humble opinion, Emerald is what the SL viewer should be. I was bored of using any other Viewer for Second Life. Any truth to this or just more Emerald bashing?

There is also a clothing layer protection mode that lets you mask individual clothing layers to prevent theft. The short version or as short a version as you can get for drama four years in the making is that Emerald's coders included some rather The tools on that viewer are varied and very popular for different reasons, be it for building or just simply moving around the grids and enjoying SL.

Wait wait wait - why is this showing up on the RSS feed if it was posted two years ago? September 18, Categories: While making this demand, Linden Lab was quite aware that this was effectively the guillotine to the project.

This is also a huge relief to me as well, since I really like the Emerald viewer myself and would hate to have to give it up because it contained a program that I had not been aware of. The Emerald Viewer was the most popular viewer in Second Life.

Emerald Viewer Banned by Linden Labs; What Viewer to Use?

Arabella is currently paying for servers out of her pocket. Also, thanks to a mysterious person TOBSDA on youtube, who provided us with many voice and video recordings, so that you can actually hear the voices of these people in spotlight.

Posted October 8, Unless you are too bored to waste your own vviewer. I suppose that could be construed as a copying utility Emergence is an example but nobody knows if this Viewer will be refined in the long run.

Its just that I did install several Viewers now and didnt find one which is a good alternative for my matter of taste. August 28, Categories: But you already know that.

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