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Paul Hjelm and Jorge Chavez try to understand what happened, based on nearly non-existing evidence: The individual cases come together and form a net that the investigators cast over Europe. Next You are at the last episode. Historical clues are mixed with educated glimpses into the past of the race biological institute and the Finnish winter war, reflexions over the modern-day "economism" and the associations it quickly invokes. Paul Hjelm, busy reading Sheinkman's war diaries for the investigation, is no closer to patching things up with his wife Cilla.

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His intellectual reach is impressive, and furthermore he has a sensitive ear for the lyrical and humorous. Europa Blues is violent, exciting and satisfying too. With his decalogue he actually seems to be succeeding in creating a major work. Three cases, one team of detectives and an investigation that will take them across Europe and back through history as they desperately search for answers, and the identities of their killers.

All Reviews of Books by this Author. Wed 12 Jun Arne Dahl is a master of thrilling action, global plotting eugopa pure literary quality. Although so much is happening, the complexity of the narration only adds to the richness of Europa Blues.

A combination of a slightly eccentric, dedicated and very determined investigation group full of strong individuals, who work as a team; and a confrontational and some very pointed crimes and their backgrounds, perpetrated for very believable reasons made this novel a stand-out read.

The city is divided into four quadrants to allow the team to concentrate on and analyse the most confusing evidence. The Europe Blues was No.

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Home Episodes Clips Galleries Characters. His diary written during the war reveals shocking experiences.

The Intercrime Unit, known also as A-Unit and dedicated to solving international dalh crime, investigate the possible links between the most unusual cases. Series 2 character profiles. Slowly these seemingly disconnected events converge in the minds of the A Unit. He guards the purity of poetic logic more than is currently conceived as plausible. Part 2 — Series 1.

Arne Dahl: Europa blues

This is very classic. The third case starts in the Jewish cemetery where an elderly professor Leonard Sheinkman is executed in the most horrendous way: Surprisingly he also learns more about his personal story.

But the hostel manager remains tight-lipped.

The sequel was just as impressive and I am already eagerly awaiting the next, and the next, and yet the next one after that. Elva Eleven by Arne Dahl Crime. Away from the office family lives are fraught - Arto Soderstedt, feeling the stress of raising five children, finds he has inherited three million Swedish kronor from a distant relative. Misterioso 1 Misterioso by Arne Dahl Crime.

It doesn't create a problem in getting into the style and tone of the writing, nor in picking up on the personalities and working relationships of the A-Unit. Home Dagl Clips Galleries Characters.

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Zooming across Europe, between countries and history, Arto starts to uncover the most horrendous links between the Italian mafia boss Marco dhl Spinelli and the recent crimes in Sweden. The Europe Blues is the fourth installment in the Intercrime series. His stylistic command is superb and he has a masterly grasp of plot and composition.

See all episodes from Arne Dahl. Efterskalv 9 Afterquake by Arne Dahl Crime. Related Content You may also like. This intelligent thriller, expertly translated by Alice Menzies, and firmly set in the modern European history, the guilt and the nationalism, is without a doubt a further example of top Swedish Noir writing.

Next You are at the last episode. The disappearance of asylum seekers, suspected of having worked as prostitutes, takes a sinister turn as the reluctantly given information points to a widely spread violent sex industry.

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